4 thoughts on “This is what a Family Friendly church looks like…

  1. You’re right, a family friendly parish ought to be this way. Every parish ought to be this way. Some aren’t. So what will you do? How will you respond.

    May I suggest that you let it go. Use this as an opportunity to bear wrong patiently and think the best of the woman who was hostile. Perhaps she was having a bad day. Perhaps she is post-abortive or had miscarriages or never had the experience of delighting in children or maybe her head ached. You be merciful and please, please, just let it go.


  2. Drussila Barron is not necessarily correct in her her assessment of the situation. God does not just work in the way that she suggests. Also those who just say “pray for the woman” are not necessarily correct either. God works through the proclamation of teaching. If someone is not told what the truth is then the Holy Spirit can not get to work in changing someone internally.

    Even Michael Voris points out that the protestant, non-conformist, and free churches have (up to) 60% of the truth, of Catholicism. They just err in the last 40%. The reason that some of those other denominational churches sometimes work, and are packed out, is because the pastors do not hold back with the teaching (normally surrounding the ten commandments). This is because the pastors understand that if they do ‘proclaim’ the teaching then the congregation will not change. Proclamation of the Word and teaching is paramount in any church. Ironically (as your graphic shows), these denominational churches can also be extremely welcoming, which Catholic Churches invariable refuse to be. They understand that they have to go out of their way to ‘love’ those both on the inside and outside of their Church. Most Catholic Churches have parishioners with ashen faces who are about as welcoming as a dose of the plague. So, ‘only praying’ and ‘taking it on the chin and offering it up’ are not always the answers. It is a case of deciding what action is required, and this is normally based on which Gifts of the Holy Spirit (charisms) you have been given. Normally correct reception of Holy Communion brings peace, and alleviates anxiety (but only if we claim the promises), but this does not mean that a Catholic has to roll over and never say anything to anyone who is acting in an un-Christian manner.

  3. Love this! I recently heard on a podcast of a cry room that has a poster up encouraging parents back into the church, saying a church without children is like a forest without birds

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