Some nice gifts for Easter!

Those lovely people over at Holy Art were kind enough to send me some fabulous apricot jam and some lemon sweets for the kids.


You may notice that the jar of jam is already half empty. That is because I ate it already. Oh C’mon… it has whole halves of apricot in it! How is any normal human being supposed to resist that? (I ate it all on a sunday btw – so as to not ruin my strictly stricter than strict lenten fast 😉 )

The apricot jam is made by the Vitorchiano Trappist nuns – so it is really holy jam, and the Lemon sweets are made by the monks at the beautiful Finalpia Abbey. Legend has it that the lemon sweets are made with such piety that every time you consume one, you gain a plenary indulgence (I think 😉 Don’t quote me on that!)


Finalpia Abbey – where they make holy sweets.

Anyway if you are looking for some nice gifts for Easter then go and check out the Holy Art website. It is really worth a look – and they ship worldwide.

I’ve just realised that I could have used that apricot jam on my Easter Simnel cake. Have to get some more…



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