Ok Jesus, so how exactly am I supposed to love ISIS?


Jesus’ most radical commandment was to tell us to love our enemies. But how is it possible to love radical Muslims if they are trying to kill you?

Well, I think it is entirely possible.

First of all we must recognise the humanity in each ISIS member. They too were made in the image and likeness of God. And this completely contradicts their own teaching that non-Muslims are infidels and sub human.

Secondly, Jesus didn’t say that to love someone you have to like them. He didn’t say that these people would suddenly not be your enemies anymore just because you have decided to love them. And He certainly didn’t say your enemies are allowed to walk all over you.

If you think Christian love equates to some fluffy hearts and flowers feeling where everyone gets along just fine, and we all live happily ever after then you are wrong. Whoever taught you that was lying to you. Love is not easy. It challenges us to our very core. Do you think it was easy and fluffy and feel-good for Jesus on the cross? No. Of course it wasn’t. And that is the most perfect example of love that humanity has ever had.

There is a fight to be had. Radical Islam is not going to go away quietly. And I for one want my children to be free to practice Christianity in the country they are growing up in. But as I said, it is important to respect that we are fighting human beings, not monsters.

I’m not sure how to love ISIS to be honest, but I think it starts with respecting that each member is a person that needs our help spiritually on the prayer and fasting level, to obtain the graces needed for them to recognise the great evil they have subscribed to and then reject it.

11 thoughts on “Ok Jesus, so how exactly am I supposed to love ISIS?

  1. I am one with St Louis, King Jan Sobieski, Don John of Austria, and Winston Churchill. If an organisation wants to kill me, I want it or him/her dead, as fast and as cheaply as possible.

  2. By saying, “I forgive you, and I’ll pray for you from Heaven” while they kill you. It’s what martyrs from St. Stephen to St. Maria Goretti have done.

  3. Imagine a terrified Moslem mother trying to protect her children from a Christian Drone. I am sure she finds it difficult to love Christians. Christians have had centuries to practice all they preach and to share God’s bounty with everyone, however certain powerful people have used Christianity as a cover to rob and pillage at will.

    • I didn’t know there were such things as Christian drones! Lol! Apart from when you get subjected to a ridiculously long sermon perhaps? 😉

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