How we celebrate All Hallows Eve (Eve of All Saints Day).


The first thing we do is carve silly pumpkins. Traditionally these would have been hollowed out turnips with a candle in each, and there would have been one for each deceased member of the family. Another tradition says that the silly faces scare away the evil spirits roaming the earth on that night!


Next we make saints costumes. Here she is as Therese of Lisieux. And with a quick prop change she becomes Teresa of Avila!


Then we invite family round and share a great dinner. We had roast lamb. Yummy! Then we play games:


Hang man doughnuts…


Apple bobbing…


And All Saints bingo! I tell you something, it is the most exciting litany of the Saints you’ll ever participate in ha!

We also keep a big bag of sweets next to the front door to welcome the little local kids playing trick or treat. Most of them have no idea about All Saints. In fact most of them are not even Christian. But equally, clearly none of them are remotely interested in worshiping Satan – so I have no problem with giving them sweets!

What I would really like to do is think of a way of explaining that All Hallows Eve is actually a major Catholic feast day. I guess the more Catholics that start celebrating it the easier that will become.

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