Caitlyn Jenner – the golden calf of gender theory.


Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

So the Glamour magazine woman of the year award has been given to transexual Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. Many people have been asking what he/she has done to deserve this honour? It seems to be that mutilating your body, changing your name, getting your own reality tv show and appearing on the cover of Vanity Fair makes you a modern day hero – or should I say heroine?

Personally I’ve always thought that if Bruce Jenner really wanted to be a normal 65 year old woman then he would just take up gardening and crochet and enjoy his grandchildren in peace. But it seems that this normal boring day to day life doesn’t really appeal too much to him/her. The limelight is much more attractive. Perhaps he/she feels a very real need for this constant public affirmation? The day will come where the media will no longer be interested in him/her. What then?

What Glamour magazine doesn’t seem to understand is that the seemingly unending hero worship of this poor confused man is not just adding to and re-enforcing his problems, but it is also doing the job of degrading women par-excellence.

Kate Bopp puts it very well here:

“The ‪#‎WarOnWomen‬ is a surreal pincer movement. First they came for the fruits of our wombs. When they achieved a certain degree of success (millions of dead infants) with that, they moved in on the other uniquely feminine traits. First wave feminism was rebellion. Second wave feminism was penis envy combined with hatred of men themselves. Third wave feminism was deranged loathing of every semblance of everything uniquely beautiful about being born female.

Now gender theory is elevating men to a status that supersedes logic, nature, reality and solid irrefutable fact. Men are back in the driving seat. They can be mothers – just rent a womb, they can have breasts & penises simultaneously, and a man can persuade the *elite* to pronounce him *Woman Of The Year* while retaining his awards achieved as a globally renowned male athlete.

Our space keeps getting smaller. As women we are becoming invisible again. And the idiots that let this happen continue to pick away at their own entrails in a mind numbing feat of self unawareness feminists and their hollow vessel sidekicks ie *male feminists* have rendered women all but unnecessary. The synthetic wombs are already a work in progress so even employment as *gestational carriers* may no longer be a career option for the soon to be new subclass human female.” – Kate Bopp

I have to say I agree with her. Glamour magazine – a magazine for the ‘modern woman’ is honouring this war on women with it’s crazy award.


Bruce Jenner during his transition, and in 1976.

I would add that the war on men has also reached it climax when chopping off your penis and putting on a frock wins you the 2015 Arthur Ashe Courage award. What a contrast to when Bruce won the Olympic gold medal for the Men’s Decathlon in 1976. What a triumph for those who wish to destroy the true diversity of men and women.

Caitlyn Jenner is Frankenstein’s golden calf of gender theory, and we are all to bow down and worship. It is sad that he/she doesn’t see that he is merely a victim in a ever destructive movement of disgrace that seeks to eliminate all dignity from both men and women.

4 thoughts on “Caitlyn Jenner – the golden calf of gender theory.

  1. Poor Bruce (yes, I refer to him by his original name and God-given gender). The man needed some serious psychological counseling, not everyone being a yes-man and allowing him to proceed on the downward spiral. Just wait, Bruce will have that “what have I done?!” moment, though it may take a couple years before it happens.

    “As women we are becoming invisible again”

    That sentence sums up this whole war on women. I honestly believe the whole mess was concocted as a means of making us invisible again after we became vocal and demanded that we have a bigger say in our society. Militaristic societies, like America, are violently misogynistic and there are other ways our gender is repressed without having to resort to straight-up femicide (though that has happened). The Cult of Death writ large for all to see.

  2. Speaking for myself, I’m of the female sex. My gender is her/she. Don’t let these people tamper with our language as well as everything else. They use the term gender to further their aims. HIS name is Bruce. HE is male. HE cannot be anything else but male no matter what he does to HIS body or calls himself. Poor man is deluded and is not being helped as he ought to be.

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