My Husband is WELL!!!


Last week I began a novena to Our Lady for my husbands recovery from CFS/M.E. He has been ill for several years now and has not been able to work for over 18 months.

We decided to try a new treatment called the Lightning Process. We had read many testimonials saying that the results from this treatment are outstanding and pretty much immediate. We were skeptical, but desperate. This was going to be our last ditch attempt before we conceded that he was not going to be going back to work and we would have to start changing our life accordingly.

The treatment is working. My husband is well!

At the worst points Nick could not lift his head off the pillow. I had to help him up and down the stairs. Getting dressed took over an hour. It is difficult to describe the effect this has had on our marriage over the last few years. But now the man I married has come back!

Our 9 year old can just about remember what Daddy was like before he got ill a few years ago. Our 5 year old can’t. Our toddler has never known her father well.

This is just the start – we all need to adjust to this massive change in Nick’s recovery, and there is certainly a long way to go in rebuilding our life and our marriage again. But now we know that this can finally, finally start to happen.

I don’t know how it has happened or why it has been pretty much instantaneous and quite frankly I don’t care! But what I do know is that a few days ago he didn’t feel well enough to leave the house and today he is doing cartwheels!

A few days ago this (below video) would have been impossible. But now his vision, balance, muscle use and control, digestive system, emotional responses and mood have returned to a normal state. It’s nothing short of a miracle. Thanks be to God! THANKS BE TO GOD!!! And thank you also to everyone who has been praying for us.


4 thoughts on “My Husband is WELL!!!

  1. Thanks be to God and the Blessed Virgin Mary for interceding on your family’s behalf!!! Let the New Springtime begin.

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