Lord, Have Mercy

For my priest friends: I love you. Never give up xx…

Fr James

About two weeks ago, I had a new prayer experience.

Prayer has been difficult this year. There have been days when I felt that I would rather do anything else in the world than pray. This is quite hard to hold in tandem with the compulsion I feel to actually pray. It’s a bit like putting the positive ends of two magnets together: the more that little (frankly bloody annoying) voice calls me to chapel, the further I run. YouTube, Facebook and FIFA 15 have been the beneficiaries.

Problem is, things fall apart without prayer. I mean, seriously. That’s the benefit of having had a regular prayer life, you see the difference, and most importantly, you feel it in your soul like a big anchor hanging around your heart. Things really have fallen apart this year, for me, and I have avoided God like the plague. Thus the vicious cycle:…

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One thought on “Lord, Have Mercy

  1. I know exactly what you have experienced,i have the same problem.I ask Our Lady and Our Blessed Lord to help me to overcome it.I try my best and dont give up.I try to concentrate and pray even when i find it difficult.Sometimes i just tell Our Blessed Lord how i feel and talk to him about it instead of saying set prayers. God Bless,i love your articles.Clairex

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