My 5 top tips for Surviving Christmas.

Surviving Christmas is a life skill! Here are my 5 top tips for getting through the Christmas season smoothly and safely!…

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1. Christmas is 12 days long.

Christmas begins on the 25th December and finishes on the 6th January. There is so much emphasis to get THE BIG DAY just right – but this just piles on the pressure doesn’t it? I very often enjoy the quieter days of Christmas more when there is time to relax and play and go visit the crib again at church when everyone has calmed down a bit! Take a deep breath, step back.

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2. No-one needs 3 types of stuffing.

Everyone wants to make this the best Christmas ever. But don’t fall into the trap of getting caught up in the minute aspects that really don’t matter. No-one is going to care if the smoked salmon you want to use in your Christmas Brunch of wonder, is not free range Scottish organic. All that will happen is that you will exhaust yourself and to be honest – no-one will notice anyway because they are too busy having fun without you!

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3. Be vigilant of ‘The Christmas Row’.

Christmas is wonderful – but completely exhausting for parents. Add to that the threat of in-law’s, large amounts of alcohol, over sentimentality and excitement and ridiculously high expectations and you have the recipe for the perfect storm of Yule-tide meltdown. This usually presents itself as a massive row. Just remember – you are both in this together. Be kind to each other.

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4. Who’s birthday is it again?

‘Tis the reason for the season – Christ’s birthday. While all the chaos and excitement are going on around you, find a little place of silence within yourself where you can be with Mary and Joseph and this tiny baby – God’s word made flesh, who will grow up to redeem you, and your children, and their children, and the whole world. God’s word became flesh, and was born of a virgin – just think about that for a while. It beats the heck out of stupid presents you don’t even want.

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5. Prepare your heart.

The most important thing to prepare is our hearts. Are we ready to welcome Jesus? Is there room in our hearts for Him?  We are being called into a relationship with Jesus. This is what it’s all about. How can you prepare your heart? Perhaps spending some time by the crib. Perhaps going to confession and accepting His healing forgiveness. Perhaps by asking His Mother Mary to help you welcome Him – after all, she welcomed Him first! (She’s your mother too you know…)

However you are celebrating Christmas this year, remember peace, remember joy and remember love! Merry Christmas!


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