When you crash into a nun’s car right after Mass.


So, this happened.

I was reversing out of a parking space, looking over my left shoulder, and I didn’t leave myself enough room on the right hand side. Crunch.

My car is a 4×4 mega-tank and has suffered a small scratch. The car I hit however, has crumpled like a crisp packet.

Of course this happened right after Mass where the car park was full of people all covering their mouths with their hands and gasping and pointing.

I waited for the owner to come back and then apologised profusely whilst trying very hard not to cry (because I’m such a girl). We exchanged details and to my utter disbelief and horror I realise that this very sweet elderly lady is a prominent member of our very large parish, AND a nun, AND she is really good friends with my parents!

My Dad is going to kill me.” I told her. Once we had established who my Dad was, she then went on to tell me who I was, and how she had been hearing all about me! In fact we sat together last year at the reception of my parents Golden wedding anniversary. She remembers me because I was 8 months pregnant with Angelica at the time! She starts laughing. I start crying.

Don’t worry dear” she says “It’s the size of your wheels that caused the problem.

No…” I assured her “It’s the size of my brain.

At least you’ll have something to write about now eh?! ;)”


Following on from my last post, where I expressed with utter false humility, how in my parish no-one would really bat an eyelid if I never showed up for Mass again, I think it is now fairly safe to say that EVERYONE in my parish is going to know exactly who I am. Great.

The Lord works in mysterious and humbling ways…

5 thoughts on “When you crash into a nun’s car right after Mass.

  1. Well, as we say here in Kentucky, THAT’LL LEARN YA! haha. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Sorry it had to happen this way but I trust everything will work out for the best.

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