Pumpkin Jellies and All Saints Bingo.

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So this is how we celebrated All Hallow’s, All Saints and All Souls this year…

All Hallow’s we made pumpkin soup and served it in a pumpkin. We made mini pumpkin jellies out of oranges:


We carved really cool pumpkins:




And the kids enjoyed giving out sweets and doughnuts to the Trick or Treater’s in our road. Annabel (5) was so excited doing this she opened the door and exclaimed “Hello Zombies! We. Are. English. People.” !! It took a while for her to grasp the fact that people weren’t coming to the door to give us sweets, but hey – she enjoyed herself!

On All Saints we firstly went to Mass, then chose our saints for the year and made saint cookies:

20141031_151620 Therese of Lisieux

665455_324417064331827_1606636539_o Faustina, Kolbe, Anthony, Pio, Therese.

1395419_495678643872334_807497317_n Our Lady of Fatima.

We had heavenly home made pumpkin pie:



Then we played the long awaited All Saint’s Bingo!!!

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