Baptism Birthday’s!

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20141022_185714 Daddy and Angelica have their Baptism Birthday’s 1 day apart, so this year they shared a pudding!

Autumn is a busy time for celebrations in our family. We have 2 birthday’s and also 3 Baptism Birthdays.

We try to make the Baptism Birthdays fun and simple – Who ever is the star of the day gets to choose what we have for dinner, and then there is a pudding or a small cake with a candle to blow out! There is a Baptism card, and also a trip to church to light a candle and thank Jesus for the chance to follow Him and also to thank Mummy Mary for showing us how to follow Him.

We talk a little bit about what it means to be Baptised – to turn away from and be freed from sin, to follow Jesus and have a relationship with Him. We talk about the fact that…

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