The Ten Commandments – 2 “Do not take the Lord’s name in vain.”

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Ten Commandments - 2

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“Christianity is more than a correct life and keeping the commandments. Being a Christian is a living relationship to Jesus…” -YouCat 348

God’s laws are not about repressing or missing out on anything: they are about giving us something more. The 10 Commandments are the way in which God points us away from that which would harm us (sin) and towards that which would give us a good life, a life full of hope. Deliberately breaking a commandment is sinful, but Jesus always offers us forgiveness through Confession.



“The Second Commandment is therefore also a commandment that protects ‘holiness’ in general.  Places, things, names, and people who have been touched by God are ‘holy.’ Sensitivity to what is holy is called reverence.” -YouCat 359

Reverence is about Love and Respect.

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