I jog for priests.



I hate jogging.

I hate it so much i can’t even begin to describe…

I hate the way i am 3 stone over weight and totally unfit.

I hate the way it makes me gasp for air like a large cod out of water.

I hate the way dogs bark at me as i limp past.

I hate the way my neighbours see me from their windows and cheer, punching the air for me in a kind of Rocky Balboa celebratory motion.

I hate rain.

I hate sun.

I hate wind.

I hate whistling builders in peoples front gardens.

I hate cars and puddles near the curb.

I hate dog poo.

I hate mornings.

I hate the fact that i am so weak.

I hate sweating.

I hate wobbly paving stones.

I hate the way my fat wobbles with every step.

I hate having to suck my belly in while i run.

I hate being so vain.

I hate the way other joggers enjoy jogging and are good at it.

I am waiting for the day that modern science invents the machine that i can attach to my big toe that sucks out all the unnecessary body fat and makes me healthy. But until that time i will kick my own butt out of bed every morning and go jogging. But now i will do it with a smile on my face because i know by the power of redemptive suffering i will be kicking Satan’s butt too! 

It is a major part of the Carmelite charism to pray and offer sacrifice for priests. Every second i am out there dragging my big lardy self round the block, every single stumbling step i take i offer for Priests. Good priests, bad priests, saintly priests, fallen priests, young, old, seminarians, retired, traditional, liberal, those who are on fire with the holy spirit, those who are considering giving up – all of you. I love you all. I love you so much. You are so important. You are the boys on the front line. I pray for you everyday and now i jog for you everyday. I cannot tell you how much joy it gives me to know that i can carry a small part of your burden each day! So if you ever wake up feeling disheartened, know that i am out there fighting my way round the block – for you xx



3 thoughts on “I jog for priests.

  1. I admire your courage and humility. Thank you for sharing this, because the next time I’m suffering I will remember to offer it up for priests, and hopefully that will help me to persevere and not focus on myself so much.

    I hate jogging too and I’m not motivated enough to do it, but by the grace of God I do exercise at home before going to morning mass, where lately I’ve been prompted to pray for priests just before the consecration, when water is poured on the priest’s fingers while he prays “forgive my sins, and cleans me of all iniquity.” What would we do without them? It is possible that we will soon have to learn to receive “spiritual communion”, because of a combination of reduced numbers of priests and religious intolerance. Although the sacraments are the way our Lord chooses to bless us most of the time, it’s a good thing He isn’t restricted to blessing us only through the sacraments, for when this time of persecution comes, we will need Him more than ever.

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