“Lord, I am not worthy…”


Remember on Maundy Thursday when Jesus told me “…let people see my relationship with you…”?

Well, I guess I’m gonna tell you a bit about it now. Can you hear the hesitation in my voice? I’m shy about this. Really shy. That is because it is the deepest most personal relationship I have with anyone in my life. Seriously, it would be easier for me to reveal the secrets of what goes on in my bedroom rather than the secrets of what goes on in my heart (not that anything particularly secret goes on in my bedroom – we still have the baby in our room because there is nowhere else to put her!).


Me and my son were at the vigil Mass on Saturday evening. I was having difficulty concentrating and so was he. I was plagued by the thought of something I have been really struggling with recently. I’m not going to tell you what it is, but it is not good. I constantly go to confession about it. I am struggling with it. It makes me feel guilty and rubbish – like I’m the worst person in the world. And I just could not get it out of my brain.

I have never spoken so sincerely as when it came to the words just before communion “Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and I shall be healed.” I know I’m not worthy. I really know it – especially at the moment, with this particular struggle I’m having. It seems that the closer I get to Christ the more I am acutely aware of my own sinfulness. This is especially a problem when I approach Jesus in Holy Communion. I beg our blessed Mother to help me receive her Son well. I just kept saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please forgive me. I know I’m not worthy to approach you.”

Quite often my heart burns while I’m in the line waiting to receive Him, but this time something different happened: Right after I said the “Lord, I am not worthy…” part, I was aware that Jesus was with me. He was all around me, in me and through me. He was everywhere in the Church but alone with me at the same time. I know Him. This is not the first time. My heart burned. He said to me “Don’t think of it as you coming to Me, it’s Me coming to you! I still want you.” He then reminded me of all the times in the Gospels when He invited Himself round to the houses of sinners to eat dinner!

The Eucharist is the same principle: It is not me going to Him, it’s Him coming to me. He desires me. God desires me!

Excuse me while I have trouble processing this information! Of course looking at it theoretically I know that I am made in the image and likeness of God etc, etc, etc. But when He comes to tell you Himself it is quite different. Despite my sinfulness, my struggles and my constant faults and failings, I know I am forgiven and I am loved. OH!!! His mercy breaks me! It BREAKS me! His gentleness totally floors me and His love is there to catch me. I am a tiny baby in His universe sized arms. And He looks at me and smiles, because He delights in me. His desire for me is greater than my desire for Him – if that could even be thought possible? Our endless infinite love affair continues…

So there we go. I said it.


4 thoughts on ““Lord, I am not worthy…”

  1. Thanks for sharing. That has also been my experience. And lately I’ve also learned that even our ability to feel guilt for our sins is an unmerited favour He bestows on us! It’s His gentleness that helps me to repent and approach Him, again and again. He is so patient and merciful, but He also expects that in time we will make efforts to renounce Satan and avoid his traps. I have been asking, lately, for the grace to fear offending Him in an ongoing pattern. I find it difficult to change, and it seems that I need to fear in order to avoid temptation. What St. Paul wrote “work out your salvation with fear and trembling” really helps me to grasp what is at stake, and make decisions with an eternal perspective. Another clue for me was that small sins lead to greater ones, so if I can avoid the small ones then I probably will not be tempted with the serious sins. I’ve also experienced that praying for holiness is what He wants me to do because that is His will for us. Your description of being as a child before Him is a great meditation. I also have recently meditated on what many Saints have written about how few souls are being saved. It is disturbing but necessary to face reality with reguard to the ‘narrow door’. We must pray for help in our efforts to cease offending our Lord; it is literally a life & death struggle. He knows we need His sacramental grace (reconciliation and communion) in order to be purified.

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