You’ll never find a Liberal Catholic in Medjugorje.

While the Vatican mulls over the findings of the third and final commission on Medugorje, we have to sit and wait.

There are plenty of people for and against Medj, but one interesting point struck me recently – You will never find a “liberal” Catholic in Medugorje. By “liberal Catholic” i mean people who consider themselves Catholic AND… Pro abortion, Pro women priests, Pro re-marriage etc…


Believe me, you wont. From all the people i have met there on the 4 trips i have made, and from all the people my mum has met on the 18 trips she has made, there has not been one. 

In all the Medj prayer groups, meetings, days out, tour operators, Facebook friends, twitter, blogs – you name it, i have not come across one.

Why is this?

My Medjugorje Trip, Day 3 - Thank God for Confession!

Medjugorje International Youth Festival

Medjugorje International Youth Festival

Is it because the idea of fasting does not appeal to them? Or perhaps it is the fact that with 61 permanent confessionals and many, many other open air confessions, Medj is the largest confessional in the world. Perhaps it is the fact that Adoration is attended in the summer months by over 10,000 people longing to open their hearts and fall deeper in love with Jesus through the Holy Eucharist. Maybe it is the call to reject sin and turn back to God – this wouldn’t sit too pretty with a few of their ‘ideals’. It might be the constant instruction to pray the rosary that is happening round the clock in every language you can think of. Or it might just be the fact that Holy Scripture is being opened up to people through the Priests on a level they can understand – many for the first time.

Or perhaps they just think that all of the above is all a load of old mumbo jumbo?

I dunno – it must be something…? But i can tell you this – Medjugorje is a liberal free zone.

18 thoughts on “You’ll never find a Liberal Catholic in Medjugorje.

  1. I would venture it is because so called “liberals”, or “cafeteria Catholics” don’t do pilgrimage and don’t do Our Lady?

    In any case, Our Lady does not abandon, or let down, those who genuinely seek her and ask for Her protection. So even if there are issues with the validity of the apparitions at Medj, Our Lady will look after all those who have gone to visit her there.

  2. This is a ridiculous article. The fact the writer wants to brand themselves as a ‘different type’ of Catholics to others disgusts me, and goes against what our universal Catholic faith proclaims.
    Maybe people don’t go there because the Vatican is still out on whether Medjugorje is actually real or not. Maybe people don’t go there because they can get adoration and confessions in other places – like their parish church. I have not been, it is not because I oppose fasting, adoration or the sacrament of reconcilliation, and neither am I a liberal…I have not been because I am waiting for the Vatican’s outcome.
    And how does the writer know that any of those obviously ‘bad liberals’ attends? Did they go around asking everyone, or wear a sandwich board saying ‘liberals not allowed’.
    This is poor journalism at its highest.

    • ” This is a ridiculous article. The fact the writer wants to brand themselves as a ‘different type’ of Catholics to others disgusts me, and goes against what our universal Catholic faith proclaims.”

      I didn’t read this in to what she wrote. Could you justify that?

      And the rest of what you’be written doesn’t seem to add up either. And what’s with the aggression?

      A cup of tea and a sit down might be a good idea. Then perhaps we could civilly discuss how dissent from orthodoxy produces a ‘different’ kind of catholic.

    • I think you only have to go once,to know the perfect peace there .I already prayed the rosary before Medj with prayer groepsBut confession ,l did not go,every month.True,you dont have to go, there,to be a good catholic but i know,everything changes ,as far as your adoration to God. goes.I took my grandchild there,when she was14,it is beautiful to see her pray 3 rosarys every night,at church.,andxput in a other one ,before goin to sleep…The trouble is,you have to go home again,.Her friends are all catholics .But only went to church withcertain days.The rosary was something they never done,Confession ,they done with there First communion,they never saw the box again, as they put it.Yet they say. they are catholics .,and they are,.She to has to live with them,at home,Yes she still prays,but for a 14 year old,they fall back,and lose ,what they had before .She did talk to her frieinds about it, but who listened ,they are happy with their faith the way it is.

  3. oh, and I wonder if any such liberals go to the UK’s Marian shrine of Walsingham? Or whether such articles will put them off going, for fear of being hunted….

    • …except they aren’t. You won’t find many of those there. They are more likely to be opposed in my limited knowledge of them. Ref: fr thwaites rip.

  4. If medj is genuine then we need to keep in mind that it will have formidable opposition. St faustina was originally suppressed only to be resurrected long after her death.

  5. A trip to Medjugorje is a considerable effort to seek the Lord and His Holy Mother. Those who find it difficult to pray won’t be attracted to making the investment for such a pilgrimage. What’s more, the truth offends those who are comfortable in their sin, and so why would they go so far out of their way to seek it? That’s not to say that they can’t be enlightened, but they may need a miracle.

    If I embrace the world’s way of thinking on divorce or abortion or same sex lifestyles etc…then I am simply NOT Catholic, because I’m not in communion with the Church. That’s why a miracle is needed in such cases. I haven’t travelled at all, but I would encourage anyone to openly seek the truth about what the Church really believes, and I don’t doubt for a second that a visit to Medjugorje wouldn’t be a great opportunity to begin such an enlightenment.

    Having to adjust my life to conform to Jesus’ ways has not been easy. It has meant taking up my cross to follow Him. It has been extremely painful at times, and I am still tempted to ask for my own way, but that doesn’t mean that I am not called to turn away from sin.

  6. I have been to Mdjugorje too, twice, a blessed time each time….BUT I can see that Medjugorje brings forth, besides good effects, division among catholics, some heretic messages (the Viirgin Mary supposed to have said:”All religions are equally dear to my son”), obvious disobedience towards the bishop, lies, ….well really many bad things you could research for yourself……I personally doubt Medjugorje because our Lady seem to behave there in quite a different way compared to other shrines, she seems to be very chatty (over 50000 messages and no end in sight) . For all Medjugorje enthusiasts I would suggest you really do sit down and study the events and our Lady at other apparition sites which have become shrines and compare them with Medjugorje. Also do have an honest look on the fruits found in the seers themselves. But I know, people have difficulty correcting their dearly held views. Why don’t you folks go on pilgrimages to Fatima or any other acknowledged shrine? – Until the church has spoken her verdict?— Even though I myself had wonderful pilgrimages there I would NOT go again, I would go to a church approved shrine

    • There was a question asked of Our Lady in October 1981 which was: Are all religions the same? Our Lady answered: “Members of all faiths are equal before God. God rules over each faith just like a sovereign over his kingdom. In the world, all religions are not the same because all people have not complied with the commandments of God. They reject and disparage them.”
      She didn’t say all faiths are equal before God – she said the members of each faith are equal before God.

      It is important to first state that the priests serving in Medjugorje are appointed by the bishop and that they are all under obedience. With that said, the replacement for Bishop Zanic, who was in power at the time the apparitions began, was Bishop Ratko Peric. Bishop Ratko worked closely with Bishop Zanic for years, and it was no surprise that he held, and still holds, the same negative opinion of Medjugorje. In a conversation that Fr. John Chisholm had with Bishop Ratko Peric, Fr. John asked the bishop if he believed in Lourdes. The bishop slammed his fist on the table and yelled “NO”. Fr. John asked the bishop if he believed in Fatima, and received the same answer. With this information, it would seem unlikely that the bishop would believe in Our Lady’s apparitions in his own diocese. The Bishop is reported to have never investigated Medjugorje, never spoken with or interviewed the visionaries, and visits Medjugorje only rarely for Confirmations and official functions. But with this said, the important issue is that Bishop Ratko Peric does not have authority over the Churchs decision on Medjugorje. In a recent interview the bishop acknowledged this fact when he said: “while recognizing the Holy Father’s right to give a final decision” on the validity of the reported apparitions… This responsibility still rests with the commission of Bishops. The local Bishop’s negative comments about Medjugorje were addressed directly in 1998 by the Holy See in a letter to his Excellency Mons. Gilbert Aubry, Bishop of Saint-Denis de la Reunion. The letter states that Bishop Peric’s position on Medjugorje is his personal opinion, which he is entitled to as local Bishop, but remains his personal opinion.

      • Why does this come up again,and again.If you don’t know the true stories,dont write about it.Our Mother said,,not al religions are equal,but al people are equal in my sons eyes.what hope would the world have,lf this was not so.God bless.

  7. I would like to say well done to the writer of this article. My first trip to Medj was a few months back and I loved it!!! I had so many positive and beautiful experiences there- I could write about them all but just the pure beauty of being among like minded people and brothers and sisters in the faith is beautiful in itself.

    I personally can’t agree more with the author of the article it is completely what I found in Medj and how I relate to it- thank you and may God bless you. I think you are wonderful….you are proclaiming the truth. MAY GOD BLESS YOU! I am making my second trip in October!

      • Well the first time I went with a lady from my Parish who invited me- we went in a private group with a lady who has been several times and we stayed with a local lady. This time I am taking my Rosary group (which I lead) and we are staying with the same lady, I’ve arranged it all and we have our Priest coming as the Spiritual Director.

  8. Why go to fatima,lf the world would have responded To Her call for prayer,the second world war,would not have come.We should also know the whole story,sister Lucia ,said Our Mother was crying bitter tears,,because the good nor the bad ,were praying.Our Lady stated in Medj,what she started in Fatima she will finnish inMedjugorje.Thank you for responding to My call,she says after every appearance .Stories,are not always correct .Jacob said,all religions are not equal ,but all people are equal to my son.there is a difference ,ln what people write,yet is posted ,time and time again,,the way Our mother did not say.God bless

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