Priests – why don’t you ever give homilies on sex?

Dear Priests,

I love you. You know I love you dearly. I pray and fast for you every single day. But why don’t you ever give homilies on sex?

It’s a good question!

I am 34 years old and I have never, ever, not once, heard a priest talk about sex – either in or out of the pulpit. My mum is in her 70’s and she cannot recall ever hearing sex mentioned in church AT ALL throughout her entire life.

I have been thinking about why this could be:

1. This is Britain, and we don’t talk about that sort of thing.
2. Priests are celibate and don’t feel confident talking about sex.
3. There could be children in the congregation.
4. It’s embarrassing.
5. Telling people that artificial contraception is bad would be a very unpopular homily.

It’s a shame because it is becoming more and more obvious that the Catholic teaching on sex is one of THE biggest tools of evangelization in the modern age. The Catholic teaching on chastity, sex and marriage is completely and utterly counter-cultural. It teaches life in our ‘culture of death’. It is so radical that even you, the Priests don’t want to talk about it. (BTW, please don’t use ridiculous terms like ‘nuptial union’ and ‘conjugal act’!!! Instead use terms such as ‘make love’ and ‘have sex’, or if there are lots of children present say ‘be together’ or ‘be intimate’.)

conjugal acts

From my own limited observations, I am confident to say that most people inside and outside of the church have absolutely no idea what the Catholic teaching on sex actually is. The vast majority have never read, or even heard of Humanae Vitae or Theology of the Body. They don’t know about NFP, Billings, Creighton or Napro technology which offers a natural alternative to IVF. They have no clue as to the damage artificial contraception is having on their bodies, their relationships or their souls. Because of this (and I use this word respectfully)… ignorance, they cannot understand why the church opposes gay marriage.

There is call now from liberal Catholics and dissident groups such as ‘A Call To Action’ to publish the results from the recent Vatican survey. They are of course hoping to highlight the fact that most Catholics ignore the church teaching on artificial contraception – and then get the teaching on sex officially ‘modernised’.

It is time for you, Priests, to start teaching your congregations what sex and marriage IS not just what it isn’t. Because if you don’t speak about it, who will?
I’ll tell you… the extremely vocal gay lobby. The sex saturated media. The secularist lefty politicians. The money-making contraception and abortion industry (yes, it is an industry, with sales targets and bonuses and advertising campaigns.)

Please, Priests, do us a favour… learn Theology of the Body and Humanae Vitae like your life depends on it. Give it to us, your congregations in bite sized chunks each week. Trust me, the second you mention the word sex, you will have every eye and ear in the whole place focused on you. No one will be reading the newsletter or checking their Facebook status through that homily!

Visit and and the Couple to Couple League for tons of info. Explain the awful truth about the history of artificial contraception and its links to eugenics from people like  Marie Stopes and Margaret Sanger. Find out who your local NFP teacher is and invite them to your parish.  Start the conversation within your own parish and keep it going. Because if you don’t preach the beauty of Gods design on sex and marriage, no one will. Please don’t leave us to fight this battle on our own…

Humanae Vitae full version –

Theology of the Body full version –

10 thoughts on “Priests – why don’t you ever give homilies on sex?

  1. It’s the same here in America. The Church has real problems with certain subjects such as sex, child abuse (I don’t mean scandals in the church but child abuse in general) and anything related to sex. If we ask, someone, some time will respond.


    • I remember our kids having talks at our catholic schools,lot of good that did.Why should priests have to talk about sex,.We as parents ,should tell our children,what is right or wrong.As a grandmother ,l tell my kids,how it supposed to be.Dont always blame the priest,I think parents had a lot more problems with talking about sex then priest.That is the confession ,where the priest talks,about.But how many,go to confession ,these days?There is a young,couple on facebook,who have chastity talks every day in America ,dayly,catholic and high schools,They are growing realy strong,,the youth love it.They are young,,have been there,and know how to get to our youths .,Better leave it up to them,then to priest..

      • They are only 1 couple – how will they get to every parish in the world?! The parents cant educate the kids because they dont know the facts themselves.

  2. Never once did I ever hear “sex” EVER mentioned in Church or at my Catholic School here in the States. I never had any clue that artificial contraception was AGAINST Church teaching until very recently. Thank you for the links to the Humanae Vitae and The Theolody of the Body- I will give those a read.

    • They are amazing Andrea. it teaches true dignity and ‘equality’ rather than the ‘uniformity’ that men and women are expected to adhere to today. Any questions just let me know xx

    • Just something small – 1 cup of tea or 1 biscuit or something like that. I don’t smoke, but if i did i could offer missing 1 cigarette. Small things, always done in conjunction with prayer.

  3. Just read the original post, Clare – pretty groovy stuff! Well said – especially about Marie Stopes and her eugenics background. And the way that the meaning of marriage was first eroded (“It’s just a piece of paper, innit?”), insufficiently challenged, then distorted and ultimately denuded of all meaning and vitality, kind of like a homeopathic medicine (bit risky? not arf!).

    That process brought us to the present time, where even the legal definition of marriage could be changed and people wonder what the fuss is about – genuinely, they do. As you have said, it is because they don’t know. And they don’t know because they haven’t been taught.

    (LOVE the sniggering altar boy, btw!)

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