I have a bunch of new toys.

I have a bunch of new toys.

I got so many massive graces over Easter, but now it’s like God is sitting back saying nothing. I have a Rubik’s cube of graces with no instruction manual. I hate that! 

I guess it’s like when I downloaded Minecraft for my son, switched it on, and then left the room. I could hear him working out how to play it all morning, how he was getting frustrated and then squealing with delight as he realised he finally knew what he was doing. He shouted for me a few times but I just ignored him. If I told him how to do it if would have been ‘the wrong way, Mummy!’ because it is his new toy and he knows best 😉 
Anyway part of the fun is the learning right? I delight in watching him learn.

Same for me. I have new toys. I don’t know how to use them, but they have been switched on and God has left the room. He delights in watching me learn. He smiles at my mistakes and frustration. He waits in the background keeping quiet because if He did tell me how to use them it would be ‘the wrong way’ due to my ridiculously strong will and stubborn nature.

I am His child, He is my Father. He loves me with a perfect love.

My God loves me
His faithful love endures
And I will live like a child
Held in love secure…

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