Making an Easter Garden

Talking to young children about Good Friday and Easter Sunday can seem like a daunting task. There is so much to understand and it needs to be done in the right context. From my own experience, I have found it helpful to have an activity for my children to do that can help them understand what we are focusing on during Holy Week.

Like having a Crib at Christmas, an Easter Garden is great fun, and can be put in a central part of your home acting as a reminder of what Good Friday and Easter Sunday is all about. 

Our kids love it – and I’m sure yours will too!


You will need: 

A large dish, tray or plant pot
Potting soil
Moss or grass, real or fake (or green tissue paper)
A small plant pot, cup or tin can
A big stone
Gravel or pebbles to add detail
Sticks and twine to make three crosses

1. Start by positioning your small plant pot, cup or tin can in the centre of your large dish to make the empty tomb. Hold in place with sticky tape.

What happened on Good Friday? 

Jesus died on the cross.

2. Pour over potting soil until you have a nice mound that covers your tomb (you may want to use a little water to get a good shape).

Why did Jesus die on the cross?

Jesus died on the cross so He could take away our sins, because he loves us.


3. Now you can plant little flowers, or grass seeds or anything you want to decorate your garden. Place pebbles or gravel around the base and going into the tomb.

How many days was Jesus in the tomb?

3 Days.


4. Tie sticks together to make 3 crosses and put them on top of the mound.

What happened on Easter Sunday?

Jesus rose from the dead!


5. Place a large stone at the entrance to the tomb.

Why did Jesus rise from the dead? 

Jesus rose from the dead to show us that there is life after death, and that we are invited to be with Him in Heaven forever!





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