The Family – The Active Service Unit of the New Evangelisation!!

When I started writing this blog 6 months ago I can honestly say that I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had no experience of writing or blogging or Catholic evangelisation. I just knew that I wanted to share the peace and happiness I have found in my life through coming to know and love Jesus and understanding how to bring prayer and the Gospel into my ordinary daily life.

I was brought up Catholic and enjoyed it as a child, but then – as so many people do – rejected it entirely in my teenage years. In fact I did everything I possibly could to do the exact opposite of what the faith teaches, I absolutely hated the Church and pretty soon got myself into a very unhappy and self-destructive lifestyle. Thank God I always had my Mum and Dad praying for me (although I didn’t realise at the time!). When I was 18 and at rock bottom I was given the grace to realise that Jesus had “never forced me to believe in Him”, and that He  was still there waiting for me to turn my life back to God. I began right there, and 3 months later I had my first trip to Medugorje and the rest (as they say) is history!

I am very aware that most people in my generation (age 20-50)  have also rejected their Catholic faith (just like I did) and do not understand hardly anything about it. This is so sad, and this is what I am trying to change. Each week I am producing a newsletter based on the coming Sunday’s Gospel. It is primarily to educate parents in passing on the faith to their children by way of example. If the parents are alive and educated in their faith – they naturally pass it onto their children. This is a major part of the New Evangelisation. Pope Benedict XVI has said the New Evangelisation is ‘inseparable’ from Catholic family life.

I really hope people are enjoying reading it as much as I am enjoying writing it! – the feedback that I am getting is very positive. In these first 6 months Faith in our Families has had over 15,000 hits and has been read in 132 countries all over the world! (Seriously – I didn’t even expect to get 15 hits let alone 15,000!)

We now have a Facebook page: and a Facebook group:  The newsletter is being used in a few local schools – and this is the part where you come in…

I am unable to contact every parish and every school in the English-speaking world so I would like to invite you to be part of the New Evangelisation by introducing Faith in our Families into your local parish or school. Can you do this? Alert your Parish Priest or Head Teacher by emailing them a copy of the weekly newsletter and get them to sign up to the blog to receive it each week. It is totally free of charge.

The family has never been under such threat – lets work together to keep it strong!

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