Using our Newsletter in your School or Parish.

“The ministry of evangelization carried out by Christian parents is original and irreplaceable. It assumes the characteristics typical of family life itself, which should be interwoven with love, simplicity, practicality and daily witness.”Familliaris Consortio 53

Each week I am producing a newsletter based on the coming Sunday’s Gospel. It is primarily to educate parents in passing on the faith to their children by way of example. If the parents are alive and educated in their faith – they naturally pass it onto their children. This is a major part of the New Evangelisation.

The newsletter highlights the Gospel in blue, and then provides a short, easy to understand summary of what you have just read.

It then offers a reflection on the Gospel specific to family life. This may be something I have experienced over the past week within my own family, or some thing wider happening to families in general. I am aiming to bring the Gospel ‘down to earth’ for parents and make it accessible and relevant to their vocation as husbands, wives, and of course parents!

The Pause for thought section offers three ’1-liners’ that aim to get the reader thinking about the Gospel in regards to their own life and their own faith.

Many parents I have spoken to who regularly receive this newsletter tell me how much they are enjoying it for several reasons:

1. They have never really taken the time to read scripture before – and actually they are really enjoying it!

2. It is super convenient as it arrives each week as part the school or parish newsletter.

3. It can be sent electronically which allows them to read it on their iPhone or sitting at their desk at work. And then they are able to email it onto people they wish to share it with.

4. It allows parents with young children to read the Gospel and have time to think about it each week before they get to Mass and have to spend most of the time trying to control their small children! (we’ve all been there!).

5. The reflections for families makes the Gospel relevant and accessible for busy parents.

6. It helps the reader understand their Catholic faith and successfully live the Word of God in their ordinary day-to-day lives.

There is no charge for using the newsletter and I really hope it can help to re-awaken and strengthen people’s faith. Please download a copy and send it to your Priest, Head Teacher, Principle, or School Chaplain or simply direct them to the Faith in our Families website.

I can’t email every parish and school in the English-speaking world! – so it is down to you to spread the word in your local area!

If you want to start receiving the newsletter, simply follow my blog and it will be delivered straight to your Email every week.

Thank You!

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