Hundreds of Christians Prosecuted Over Same Sex Marriage Law.

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Officials at the Home Office and the Department for Education concede that teachers may be under a legal obligation to inform children about same-sex marriage once it has passed into law. Under the Education Act 1996, pupils must learn about the nature of marriage and its importance for family life in sex education classes.

Colin Hart, campaign director at the Coalition for Marriage, said: ‘Marriage appears more than 3,000 times in law, affecting every aspect of our lives. It is simply impossible to redefine it without many serious unintended consequences, not least forcing schools to teach children about gay marriage, even if this goes against the wishes of the parents, children and teachers.’

‘The issue of same-sex marriage is not just one about equality, but what happens in our school classrooms as well,’ he said. ‘Teachers should be able to exercise their consciences according to their own views on marriage, but that could well be constrained by these proposals. ‘As much as I am sceptical about the Government being able to exempt churches from conducting same-sex marriages, I also doubt whether it will be possible to construct exemptions for teachers. ‘They would be open to legal challenges. Is the Government really going to order primary school teachers to go against the views of the churches that run them?’

Hundreds of Canadians have faced legal proceedings for opposing same-sex ‘marriage’ in the public sphere following its introduction in 2005, it has been reported. Within five years of marriage being redefined in Canada, an estimated two to three hundred cases have been brought against individuals, mostly Christians, who have opposed same-sex marriage in the public sphere. The proceedings have been brought at employment boards, courts, and human rights commissions.

A number of employees have been dismissed from their jobs because they have maintained a conscientious objection to same-sex marriage. Businesses have been sued and churches have been threatened with sanctions over their religious beliefs.

Examples from Canada

A television anchor on a prominent sports show was immediately dismissed after he posted his support for “the traditional and true meaning of marriage” on Twitter.

A Roman Catholic bishop in Alberta, Fred Henry, was charged with a human-rights violation for writing a letter to local churches outlining the Catholic position on marriage.

A Christian organisation in Ontario working with some of the most marginalised disabled people in Canada was taken to court after objecting to the marriage of one of its homosexual employees. The organisation faced an ultimatum and had to choose between changing its hiring and employment policy or being closed down.

An evangelical Christian marriage commissioner in Saskatchewan was successfully sued for refusing to marry a homosexual couple, despite assisting the couple by putting them in touch with another marriage commissioner who would be willing to conduct the ceremony.

A campaign has now begun in Canada to remove tax-free status from churches that refuse to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. Some Canadian provinces are even considering laws to forbid teachers in private schools from teaching that traditional marriage is the ideal.

Michael Coren, writing for the National Review Online, said: “Once gay marriage becomes law, critics are often silenced by the force of the law. The Canadian litany of pain, firings, and social and political polarization and extremism is extraordinary and lamentable, and we haven’t even begun to experience the mid and long-term results of this mammoth social experiment. I seldom say it, but for goodness’ sake, learn something from Canada.”

Examples from Denmark

Canada is not the only country with same-sex marriage laws that has witnessed subsequent restrictions on religious freedom.

Last week, new laws were introduced in Denmark requiring all Established Evangelical Lutheran churches to perform same-sex marriages.

Individual ministers can opt-out of performing the ceremonies, but Bishops will be forced, sometimes against their conscience, to find a replacement minister to perform the ceremonies.

Some campaigners in Denmark are now calling for the ceremonies to be compulsory for non-Lutheran churches as well, including the Catholic Church.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of Christian Concern, said:

“When same-sex marriage is introduced, religious freedom and freedom of speech is crushed. Is this what we want for the UK?

“If same-sex marriage becomes legal in the UK, we are likely to witness a similar surge of proceedings brought against Christians in the public sphere, who will be penalised for having a biblical sexual ethic.”

It is a sad fact that even the British Christian politicians are unaware of the realities of changing the law on marriage. Please see my earlier post regarding Labour MP Siobhan McDonagh…

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Sources – National Review, Christian Concern, Daily Mail.

48 thoughts on “Hundreds of Christians Prosecuted Over Same Sex Marriage Law.

  1. Bill 13 has been passed into law here in Ontario, Canada, thereby making it law that our Catholic children in government-funded Catholic schools will be mandated to learn that same-sex “marriage” is an acceptable alternative choice/lifestyle. Schools will be required to set up Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs. Faithful Ontario Catholics will not take this lying down.

  2. Thanks Terry, It is so important that the UK gets to hear about what has happened in Canada because most people have no idea what changing the law is going to do in the long term.

  3. Isn’t it typical that the gay community are allowed to complain and moan and defame about whatever they like but when someone dares have a different opinion all of a sudden they are either a homophobe or infringing on their so called civil rights. I find this ironic and hypocritical at best. I do not care if a person is gay or not, don’t care what color they are or what religion but when they try and restrict my right to an opinion which differs from theirs then i take exception. I DO NOT support same sex marriage, as far as i am concerned it goes against everything that marriage stands for. Let the gay community have some other sort of commitment to each other, i am sure they can come up with something but leave the time honored tradition of marriage out of it. It seems the gays never think about the effect their decisions will have on future children or family, as long as they get what they want then stuff everyone else. SAY NO TO SAME SEX MARRIAGE, STAND UP FOR THE RIGHTS OF CHILDREN TO HAVE A MOTHER AND A FATHER AND FOR THE SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE TO BE UPHELD.

    • Hi Scott, thanks for your comment. You are correct that in liberal secular society, all views are supposedly tolerated – add long as you don’t disagree with anyone! the challenge for us as Christians is to love our neighbour despite obvious persecution. Love the sinner not the sin!

    • I know two gay men who have divorced and continue ot have a very healthy, honest and co-operative relationship with their children and their ex-partners. Incidentally both of them are in full time Christian ministry. I am friends with at least one other gay man who remains with his wife and brings up their children in an also clearly caring and co-operative relationship. I am also friends with another gay man who divorced by mutual consent, when they separated after his partner began a lesbian relationship, and he confessed his own hidden homosexuality … they have adult children who have a perfectly healthy relationship to both parents. So you are very wrong when you suggest “gays never think about the effect their decisions will have on future children or family” … any parent loves and is concerned for the well-being of their children regardless of sexual orientation and current/future marital status. Parents are parents, to suggest they disregard the feelings and well-being of their own children purely because of their sexuality is really quite insulting.

      • Thanks for your comment Marat. The catholic response – as clearly set out in YOUCAT is to love the sinner not the sin. Sadly, people often rejoice when a marriage ends due to one party experiencing same sex attraction – I was just counting how many times you mentioned divorce in your last post.

    • My sentiments exactly, Scott! Speaking from personal experience of having family, especially grandchildren, ripped apart because of their mother’s “selfish choices”, my heart absolutely breaks in two, to see how they have suffered such great heartache, rejection and confusion. My son, and my son-in-law, have both been torn apart due to this, and now are trying to help the children in every way that they can, while doing their very best to not allow this to destroy their lives, but to ‘get on with life’, which has been terribly painful for both families. How a woman could even consider walking away from their husbands, who have faithfully loved them, and were very good to them is one thing, but to walk away from your own children and birth family, for someone that they hardly know, just because of “their sexual prefernece”, knowing that they were raised with The Word of God, and KNOW BETTER, is one thing that I cannot even begin to imagine. 😥

  4. Thanks for your response, ‘faithinourfamilies’ … you appear to be implying that I’m rejoicing when marriages end, which is a misrepresentation of what I wrote. Nor am I promoting same sex relationships per se … I was/am merely countering the suggestion made above “gays never think about the effect their decisions will have on future children or family, as long as they get what they want then stuff everyone else”. A comment which I think is misinformed and has little or no foundation in reality.

    I am deeply saddened by divorce (my parents are both divorced and remarried – it was a traumatic time for all concerned – but my wedding was a happy one with six ‘parents’ – water under the bridge, life moves on) and understand that it is never an easy decision, particularly if children are involved. Children are also quite frequently caught in the crossfire of competing parents when relationships begin to fail, and can be damaged while the marriage continues. The issue of divorce is not as ‘black and white’ as some people might like to think, and in some cases it is better if the couple separates, in order to prevent children from being caught in the crossfire of mutually antagonistic parents. My response wasn’t in any way intended to encourage divorce, but merely to suggest that people continue to love their children rather than reject them when things go wrong in relationships. Within this context I would also say that an experienced marriage guidance counsellor/mediator can be invaluable in enabling the couple to communicate without things becoming inflamed and turning nasty. I’m sure there is plenty of evidence to suggest that such guidance is able to salvage a relationship and bring a couple back together, in a way that is entirely beneficial both to the couple and their children. Ultimately where children are concerned the best case scenario is within the context of a conventional marriage, where their is mutual respect, love, care and concern for all in the relationship. Unfortunately things don’t always turn out like that, and the alternatives can be disturbing and devastating if handled in an entirely self-centred manner. The fracturing of the marital bonds is traumatic but the effects need not be permanent nor detrimental to the life of either the couple or their children. Like you stated … love the sinner, but we should also be careful about pointing out the specks in the eyes of others.

    For your information I am neither gay nor divorced but happily married, I am however disturbed by the disinformation promoted regarding same sex relationships and the potential impact that might have on children.

    NB: I doubt I shall make any further comments on this subject, as I feel I have said all I need to say.

    • To respond to tbrookover’s claim that “the foundation of a family is with a mother and a father” is “a law of nature” is factually inaccurate. I would like to point out that homosexuality is found in over 1500 species and in the case of birds such as geese and ducks that pair with one partner for life four to five percent of the couple’s are homosexual. A single mother will lay an egg in a homosexual pair’s nest and the homosexual couple are often better at raising the young than a heterosexual couple. This is just one of many examples found throughout nature. Homosexuality is very natural and it is not infact “a law of nature” that the foundation of a family is with a mother and a father.

      • LOL! i never knew that! Please post the link with the relevent info that comfirms your theory. Thanks for your comment.

      • Doesn’t it seem a bit ‘daffy’, ducks / bird brained disorders are used as justification to promote overthrowing the sanctity of the time honored institution of marriage for humanity?

      • I always find it amusing that when confronted with the FACT that homosexuality goes against the laws of nature that proponents of homosexual unions always revert to comparing humans with animals. Animals are not capable of either reason or moral thought. They survive on instinct alone. If you wish to live like an animal then, by all means, please do so, but do not try to drag the rest of humanity down to this basest of levels.

      • Family is whatever you make of it. You can be a family with a single mother and child. You can be a family with a mother/father/child. You can be a family with a mother/mother/child. Family is where you go to when you need to feel supported. Family is where you go to when you need to feel loved. Families aren’t automatically created when you get a man and woman together. Families are created through love and by love.

      • You are correct in saying that a family can be made up of varying adults. But religion and science both agree that a child does best with a mother and a father who are married. Any other situation presents some loss to the child. It is a terribly sad thing when a marriage breaks down, or a parent dies and the child looses a mother or a father. it is an absence that the child has to cope with. However well meaning and loving a lesbian couple are, they will never be able to be father to a teenage boy like a man can. Boys need their fathers. If they don’t then why does society speak of the growing problem of absent fathers for teenage boys? Girls need their mothers when they start their periods out buy their first bra, or need advice on being a mum themselves. The fact is that men and women are different, and cannot be replaced by each other.

  5. Oh how quaint. Pardon me, but I thought I just read about queerdom among animals. I’m sorry but animals don’t know better……people do. To equate ones self with an animal shows just how ignorant and irresponsible they really are. Nice try Octa, but I dont believe anyone believes your bs except you and your ilk. But hey, Octa, you try to have a nice day. When you learn how to stop chasing cars, humping trees and being ignorant in general, please let us know.

    • Animals don’t know better? Are you suggesting that if an animal engages in an action that it is somehow “lesser” and engaging in such acts makes you “ignorant and irresponsible.” So breathing, eating and the excretion of waste products are not for such high, informed, intelligent beings like humans? Likewise when you learn how to abandon agriculture, domestication of animals, altruism, co-operation, democracy and other such requirements for a successful society, as well as vices such as conquest and drunkenness, let us know 🙂

      (Sources “What On Earth Evolved In Brief” by Christopher Lloyd see chapters on ants, honey bees, and elephants. Alternatively you could simply google the Attini ant which was the first species to domesticate animals and cultivate crops, the honey bee with regards to democracy and alcoholism, the elephant with regards to altruism and the army ant for conquest and co-operation.)

  6. Man and a man is not equal to a man and a woman. never was, never will. God says men lying with men is abomination God says the union between a man and a woman is holy. An abomination is not equal to holiness. No way no how.

  7. Thanks for your sharing this. It’s an interesting and important discussion. As I read the contents of the article, I couldn’t help thinking of where I found the link that led me to it…

    There’s a certain contingency among Americans who do not believe mixed orientation marriages–i.e. a gay man married to a straight woman–should exist. I happen to have many friends involved in such marriages, and they are all very devoted to their religious beliefs and to a God whom they believe sanction and bless their actions. I love these guys and support their right to this alternative coupling, though I don’t necessarily agree that what they’re doing is 100 percent healthy or right.

    I share this because I found the link to this page on the Facebook page of a person I know to be in such a marriage. I am sad to discover that he opposes the right of gay men and women to marry when he himself is in a marriage of which many people would disapprove.

    God bless all of us working to address this issue–no matter the side he or she takes. This is a tough topic for people on all sides of this issue to address, but we stand to get a lot out of it as a nation, if we do our best to respect where we’re all coming from–and that our intentions are good.

  8. You know you’ve bought up a great point here. It it’s a terrible thing that people give them selves the label of ‘gay’. It takes over their whole persona. Most people experience same sex attraction to a degree of some sort, but decide not to act on those feelings. I think it would be more accurate to describe the men you speak of as ‘married, and struggling with same sex attraction’. To label them as gay almost takes away their right to marry a woman and have Family! It implies they are doing something wrong by being married. Of course in these situations one must discern at length what gods will is for their lives, it may be marriage, or it may be the freedom of celibacy.

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  10. As a Christian I am against same-sex marriages, the Bible is very clear on this, but I also try to live to the ideal of ‘love the sinner, not the sin’. My biggest concern in all this, above the same-sex issue, is the arising one of discrimination. The gay community is free to comment however they wish to whomever they wish, regardless of what they cause but let one person stand up and voice their own opinion and they start screaming discrimintation. This is hypocrisy in its finest.

  11. This is disgusting. If, as a Christian, you do not want to live in a society ruled by laws that you oppose, then why should gay men and lesbian women live in a society ruled by Christian laws that they oppose?
    Are your views more valid because you are Christian?
    Do Christians have a greater right to have their beliefs upheld in the law, even though these beliefs oppress and devalue others?

    • The article points out that once the law is changed, Christians are prosecuted in their own countries for practising christianity. personally I believe this sort of religious discrimination is wrong.

  12. Duh Of course Gay Marriage is all about having adults tell children it is okay to engage in all manner of disordered sexual expression and cooperate with intrinsically evil desire of their intergenerational sexual perversions and fantasies. The intent the homosexualist was never exclusively about two consenting adults being accepted. That is the sword that shields the real desire to using the schools as grooming grounds to propagate for their adult lusts.

    I live in Canada and immediately after passing gay marriage the homosexualitists mandated all public funded schools including catholic schools teach the benefits marriage that can only be consummated through sodomy in grade two. School principals are hosting gay pride parades in the auditoriums and come dressed as the other gender day. Students are told if they are confused about sexuality then engage in gay sex and see if you like it. If you try to stop it then you are a bully. Gay teachers are already being arrested and disciplined for using gay student clubs in junior and high school for the purposes of cruising teenagers. All of our schools now have gay space for whatever that means.

    The sexual degenerates told you abortion was about coat hangers and not a 40 million person genocide and now they say gay marriage is about two old queens wanting to hold hands in their sunset years but it has always also been about perverts lusting after your children. Every honest study of homosexuality paints the same picture of the near ubiquitous intergenerational sexual activity engaged in by the whole community

    Never forget there are two types of zoo’s the ones where the animals are in the cage or the one where you are in the car and drive through the park. The animals haven’t changed so don’t be naive and let your kids get out of the car.

  13. What LGBTQ people don’t realize is that orthodox Christians and Jews just can’t give in to SSM because we understand that there are immortal souls at stake. We don’t hate homosexuals, we love them as our brothers and sisters and want what is ultimately for their best, eternal good.

    • Good point Theresa. I’m from Australia, and the whole issue of same sex marriage has been pushed a lot by some sections of l the mainstream press, and some news programs.

      Where do I stand on this issue? As a Christian, I have wrestled with such questions. I have come to accept that no one, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, faith, or sexual orientation, should be mistreated or made to feel inferior. My faith also admonishes me to love all people.

      Yet, this does not mean that I ignore what the Bible says about right and wrong, and how I am to live, even if it is confronting, or uncomfortable. I don’t agree with same sex marriage.

      I also looked at what has happened in Canada, and imagine that the outcomes in Australia will be much the same.

      The last time I checked, in liberal democracies, we are allowed to express opinions. We do have the right to be concerned about this issue.

  14. Is it really that difficult to mention that same-sex marriage exists as well as heterosexual marriage? You have a job to perform, just because you don’t agree with that job doesn’t mean that in the end it’s not your job. I can tell you about the billions of times I have disagreed with what my bosses have told me to do, yet I still did it, because it’s a job. Don’t agree with it? Get a new one. Not that difficult.

    • Hi Laura, thanks for your comments. I don’t really understand by what you mean by my job? If my job on this blog is to write posts that come from a catholic perspective then I guess you could say that my boss is the church and the managing director is ultimately God! You seem to be referring to the government as the boss and your own moral judgement as the managing director. I don’t recognise any other boss than God and the church, which us where I disagree so strongly with politicians who do put their own earthly authority above that of Gods divine authority. At the end of the day, politicians are the created – not the creator, and they have no authority above that of their creator. for politicians who don’t believe in God, I can understand their motives a little easier – but David Cameron and Obama both describe themselves as Christian.

      • Nooo, not you sir. I’m referencing the teachers. I understand how speaking about a topic as sensitive as same-sex marriage may be difficult for them due to their religious convictions, however, this is part of their job. If it was something morally reprehensible such as being asked to perform acts such as: stealing, abusing, etc., I would understand, but as a fellow individual of faith I feel that there is a difference between our jobs and relaying our personal beliefs. While the Bible states that we must witness, we must witness on our own time. The public classroom is for educating the given curriculum. If I am told that this in state curriculum, that is what I must teach. If I could not separate my faith and my work, then I should be working at a private institution.

        My own moral judgment applies to my moral decisions for myself. I refuse to make decisions for other people based upon my beliefs. If I were a politician, I would respond in the same manner. For written into the U.S. Constitution is an Amendment allowing freedom of and from religion. The United States is beautiful because of our freedom to believe in whatever we choose to. As Christians, we are allowed to meet and worship in a public manner and that is a novelty in our world. We must never forget that. Were we to be in other countries, we may be subject to the death penalty for a desire to worship Christ. I understand my opinion is controversial, but we must remember that we choose to live in this country that requires freedom of and from religion. I feel it is morally correct for me to abide by that. My daughter is brought up in the church and as a Christian. She prays at her public school before her lunch and prior to leaving school and I am so glad that she can openly pray in her school. We are allowed so much freedom to worship in this country and I can’t help but be grateful for that.

  15. My husband & I take in disadvantaged youth, mostly young men, & the most common factor in all but a tiny percentage of them is the lack of a father. Their fathers are either entirely absent or brutal. How can a lesbian couple give growing boys that fatherly influence? The break down of traditional marriages has begun to show itself in our children & this will then be passed down to theirs.

    • As an individual who had several internships in programs for disadvantaged youth, I also ran into this common denominator. However, I feel that we may be misplacing some of the blame in the loss of a father. In families where the fathers are absent, who is left? The single mother. How often is this single mother able to be around to parent? She’s working constantly trying to keep food on the table, leaving plenty of time for her youngsters to run amuck. Now, you allow a child with a chip on his shoulder due to his disappearing father freedom, he’s probably going to find himself some trouble. I feel that the blame cannot solely be attributed to the lack of a father, but to the lack of parenting altogether. Give a loving lesbian couple a child and there will never be a lack in parenting. Dual incomes, dual parenting responsibilities and never a lack of a parental figure around. How many children of lesbian/gay families do we actually know? How many have we spoken to. I know in my former church we didn’t even associate with homosexuals. I feel that it’s difficult to judge/analyze a parent/child relationship that we have rarely even witnessed. I know one child of a lesbian relationship and that little girl is one of the happiest, albeit a bit ADD, little girl I’ve encountered. She has a faith in God that her parents don’t share, but encourage her to pursue. I don’t know any lesbian families raising boys or gay families raising girls, but I’d be interested in speaking to their children and seeing what the children have to say.

      • I personally have witnessed a lesbian couple with three boys where the boys ended up hostile at their mother & unable to interact at a socially acceptable level. My daughter-in-law witnessed another lesbian couple where the oldest of two girls at the age of eight decided that she hated the partner & would commit suicide if she couldn’t move out. Recent surveys have been done where it has been shown that children of ‘traditional’ parenting are healthier & live more productive lives taken against single parent & same sex families. Personally, I feel that a father & a mother are necessary to raise a balanced child; a man can never be a satisfactory woman nor a woman be a satisfactory man.

  16. Laura – regarding education… It is now illegal in Canada for a catholic teacher to teach catholic doctrine on homosexuality to catholic children in a catholic school. Isn’t that oppression of religious beliefs?

  17. Everyone has an opinion but the only one that counts is the Creators. God made this world and everything in it. He made all species male and female for a purpose. Anyone want to know what God says? Get out His word, the Holy Bible, find the book of Romans and read chapter 1. It tells you what Gods opinion is, no ifs, ands, or buts. He says it is sin, it is wrong.

  18. I expect that it won’t be long before we see prisoner boxcars and guillotines. I keep seeing articles of the the return of capital punishment in Canada, they say it’s just for murderers and rapists; however, what’s to stop them for using it for high treason? They can get around by martyring Christions that way. Sure, they can argue, oh don’t be silly, it won’t happen. however, look what happened to other issues, where politicians said that it won’t happen.

  19. “And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him.
    And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof;
    And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.
    And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.
    Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” -Genesis 2:20-24

    Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” -Genesis 1:28

  20. BUT show me the evidence that they are devalued and oppressed. The average mean income of gays is high , so there goes the lowered income like it was/is for black folks and women. Right to vote? Check. Right to hold up traffic for an afternoon to prance around almost (or fully) naked, portraying graphic sex acts, and calling it a ” Pride Parade?” Check. Right to drink at a water fountain of your choosing? Check. Stole rainbow and color pink usage? Check. You see, laws that prevent discrimination USED to be based on objective criteria, like color of skin, gender, wheelchair, etc. But the choice of where to stick the hot dog is not objective. We are creating new and special rights for people based on SEXUAL BEHAVIORS. And, factually accurate to say that most of the homosexual sex behaviors are medically risky and sometimes dangerous. I don’t care what you do in your bedroom, or where you want to stick what, but don’t shove those choices in my face, hold up my traffic, and make up new laws cuz they have sex with someone of same gender. This does not meet the criterion for “civil rights”

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  22. As a Christian, I am disturbed to read you inciting or fomenting this persecution complex. You are making mountains out of molehills. The point of the Equality Act is the public interest in diversity, which promotes the flourishing of all the population, not merely those who might be seen as “normal”. There is a great increase in freedom for all. You should be pleased.

  23. Anyone who knowingly and rebelliously disagrees with God about any area of mortal sin ceases to be a Christian. Claiming that you are a Christian while trying to justify a depraved lifestyle, whether strait or gay, is a farce.

    Only in truth and love can one be united in God through Christ Jesus, and it doesn’t happen by any humanly based standards, but by His divine standards, period. Our opinions on what is right and wrong are irrelevant! We are dust! Waves tossed on the ocean! Vapour in the wind! For you who want to tell God what to do, good luck with that!

    I have often been mistaken about different moral / ethical standards. My only appropriate response with regard to being corrected was “yes Lord” and “thank you for teaching me Lord.” Humility is what is lacking, and the ability to use reason to figure things out. In order to receive the truth we must be willing to learn, and it takes time and effort.

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